Battersea Piano Festival - the story so far...

Battersea Piano Festival was founded in 2015 and is directed by Liz Giannopoulos (also the founder and director of Encore Music Tuition).


Since the first event in 2015, more than 450 entries have been received, across up to 12 classes each year. In 2016 participants were grouped into Early Learners, Improving Players and Experienced performers and in 2017 we added two non-competitive classes for young beginners. In 2018, the festival was extended over two days and two new special awards for programme notes and musicianship were introduced. 2019 will see us exploring a new venue at St. Barnabus' Church, Clapham North Side and working with our sponsor, ABRSM.

We are fortunate to boast a panel of respected adjudicators including ABRSM examiners Rowan Cozens and Julian Hellaby, performer Antoinette Cann, publisher Elena Cobb and Richard Smith, Heather Hammond and Karen Marshall who are all educators and composers. These adjudicators provide encouragement, constructive feedback and performance inspiration to the participants.


We take pride in creating a friendly and encouraging atmosphere enabling every performer, teacher, parent and audience member to get the most from the experience. All pre-registered performers are listed in the festival programme and will receive a certificate and detailed written feedback on their performance. Trophies and medals are awarded to the winners in each competitive class and rosettes are presented to all participants in the non-competitive groups.

The ongoing management of the event is co-ordinated by Liz Giannopoulos, who also directs proceedings on the day.
The reception team is made up entirely of volunteers.

Piano Festival | Battersea Piano Festival
Piano Festival | Battersea Piano Festival

JJ (parent)

18 March 2019

Thank you so much for hosting the piano festival. It was a triumph.

AZ (teacher)

18 March 2019

We are delighted to thank you for an invitation and even more happy to get such a wonderful prize!

The school, parents and me are very proud of our students! It was great fun as well as beneficial for my students and for me, learning a lot from outstanding British Professors of piano.

NC (parent)

18 March 2019

Thank you Liz for the sterling organization. My daughters were very happy to perform again at Battersea Piano Festival this year.

YI (parent)

18 March 2019

Thank you again for organizing such a wonderful event. My daughter practised hard because of this event and now she likes the piano than before! It was also useful to get a feedback.

AB (parent)

10 March 2019

Thank a lot for today. We had a great time and loved the performance. So well organised. Congratulations!

AC (teacher)

12 March 2019

Thanks once again for a great event! I thought the standard of playing was very high and everyone played brilliantly. 

CJ (parent)

13 March 2019

Just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great experience to all the piano students. I think it’s so rewarding to have an opportunity like this and my daughter is certainly feeling more confident and inspired after participating. 

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PP (parent)

20 March 2018

Thank you again for a wonderful Battersea Piano Festival 2018. My daughter enjoyed the beautiful venue,  lovely atmosphere and  wonderful performances from everyone with very helpful feedback from your adjudicator. 


Thank you for all your hard work in making this performance opportunity possible.

RC (adjudicator)

19 March 2018

Thank you for inviting me to adjudicate your lovely festival, I thoroughly enjoyed both Saturdays. The playing was great, right across the range - there’s some really good teaching going on behind the scenes.

RA (parent)

19 March 2018

Thank you for organising, we had a lovely time. My son insisted upon staying until the end and I was very happy to oblige. He pretended to be an adjudicator and wrote extensively about every candidate’s performance throughout the event. He barely contained his excitement when Mrs. Cozens announced the first two winners (Grade 7) as he had the same ones on his papers. Thank you again for giving the children this opportunity. 

HS (parent)

10 March 2018

Really great, thank you for organising. And please pass on highest praise to the adjudicator who I thought was excellent,

KM (adjudicator)

10 March 2018

Such a joy to be with the children and hear them play music from Get Set! Bravo on producing such a wonderful event.

MT (parent)

10 March 2018

Thank you very much for organising this festival giving so many children the opportunity to perform in public. My son really enjoyed the performance.

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MM (parent)

13 March 2017

Thank you very much for a wonderful day on Saturday. It was a really special experience to have feedback from an expert such as Julian on her playing and he was extremely generous with the time and thought he gave to all the children's performances. It was also interesting to hear his feedback on all the performances. We felt this was a very positive experience for our daughter and hope that it will have boosted her confidence in her playing and perhaps she might even be encouraged to play in the festival another year.

JW (parent)

13 March 2017

Congratulations on another successful festival. Both our daughters really enjoyed playing on Saturday and it was impressive to see such young talent on display. Thank you for making it happen.

LC (performer)

12 March 2017

Many congratulations on a great success of your festival. The church acoustic was wonderful and all the performers showed great talents. Thank you for organizing such a great event; I really enjoyed myself playing in public yesterday. I'm looking forward to participating again next year. 

JD (parent)

12 March 2017

Just to say I thought it was all fabulous yesterday. 

PM (parent)

12 March 2017

Thank you for yesterday. Listening to the playing in the experienced performers' class was like going to an amazing concert. My son has been so inspired by some of the playing and pieces and is practising already today. 

PK (parent

12 March 2017

Thanks for organising a great festival. My son had great fun and will be back next year. 

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